Onym -170

Elegance Regular Villa

Up to 6 people Guests 3 Bedrooms 90m2  

Our gorgeous regular villas with their spectacular sea view all have three bedrooms (plus one really special one -Grand Regular Villa- with four bedrooms and four bathrooms), keeping in mind as well that each bedroom sleeps two people. Almost all our beds are king-sized ones, with only one of the three-bedroom villas boasting a room that has two single beds (Prestige Villa). In short, the Regular Villas were made for good times, ideal for larger families or groups of 6 or 8 people (Grand Regular Villa).

For the ultimate in comfort, you get to enjoy both an indoor living space and an outdoor lounging area, depending on your mood and the weather, which of course is mostly very good. You’ll fall in love with the outdoor patio and pool space that every one of our villas boasts, so think about what cocktails and drinks you’d like to prepare before hitting the sunbeds. All our villas have fully equipped kitchens so you can prepare anything you like for friends and family, complete with a coffee machine for lazy mornings and midday boosts. There are at least two bathrooms in each of the Regular Villas so you won’t have to worry about bathroom space. You’ll find the villas comfortable and well equipped from every perspective, washing machine included, and we’re always on standby in case there’s something more that you need.