Our Story

The Emeria Collection was inspired by the rich rocky landscape of Naxos. While today the island’s tourism is its main source of income, in the past 2000 years the island’s economic activity was based mostly on mining emery, a dark granular rock that has given its name to our group of hotels.Naxos was for the longest time the main source of this rare multi-mineral rocky material. Emery boasts several industrial uses, from grounding rice and making sandpaper to enhancing asphalt mixes and offering resistant flooring solutions. The natural substance continues to play an important role in industry and can still be seen in Naxos’ mines, some of which are very active to this very day. 

Back in 1987

In true Greek family spirit, when his three children became teenagers in the mid-1980s, he decided to open a restaurant by the beach to cater to the handful of nature-loving tourists who came to the island. These free-spirited tourists used to sleep in huts or tents by the beach, yet made the seaside restaurant – or taverna – their home in the daytime, enjoying whatever fresh dishes it offered that day on the menu.

By 1987, the restaurant’s success and its reputation for good food had enabled to the family to build six modest rooms on the beach, laying the foundation for Emeria’s future in hospitality. The family farm also flourished, ensuring that fresh free-range meat and locally grown vegetables were part of the tourism experience, representing a farm-to-table experience by default, which was in fact the only way to operate a good restaurant in the Cyclades.

A few years later, in 1997, the family started working in the construction industry as well. It bought its first excavator and began itself preparing the foundations of the Aegean Palace hotel, marking a new era in hospitality and a major advancement over its first little property of the 1980s.


As our first property grew into the Aegean Palace today, we’re proud to still be offering the same warm family ‘filoxenia’ or Greek hospitality and the same good food throughout our Food and Beverage offerings. The we’re the third generation of our grandfather’s legacy and we’re known as the Emeria Group, soon to have three luxury properties in Naxos, yet with the same family warmth and professionalism that our grandfather’s little Taverna by the beach always had.


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