Get ready for a world of activities on the island, which we can begin right at our hotel’s doorstep. Our wonderful little corner of Naxos and our location on the dreamy Plaka Beach, one of the longest beaches on the island, is also home to numerous beach bars, cafés and restaurants. The beach itself will entice you with a variety of watersports on offer, which along with all other activities can be easily booked and organized with the help of our concierge service.
Archeological treasures

Many of Naxos’ outstanding archeological attractions are just a short drive away, such as the Portara gate or temple of Apollo and Iria, the temple of Dionysus.

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Diving tours

If you like diving, you’ll be happy to know that Naxos has PADI-recognized diving center with certified instructors offering diving and snorkeling experiences,

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Food tours

Naxos, the Cyclades biggest islands, has a reputation for good food. Even famous chef Anthony Bourdain had put it on his travel escapades.

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Hiking tours

Naxos is rich with many layers of history, from prehistoric times to Roman times to Byzantine times. At the same time, it’s full of nature, including lush forests, seaside coves, cultivated areas and rocky peaks, all against a gorgeous backdrop of sea and mountain.

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Horseback riding

Horse-riders will be happy to know that Naxos has a horseback riding club which offers spectacular tours against a backdrop of mountain and sea

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Are you a kitesurfing fan or have you considered trying this liberating eco-friendly activity? Certain beaches on the island are more windy than others, just perfect to practice or even learn kitesurfing. The Naxos Kitesurf Club boasts well-seasoned instructors who can guide you on an exciting tour through safe, crystal-clean waters.

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Most days on the Cyclades are great for windsurfing, with some very safe, shallow spots off the shore that are ideal for learning too, such as Laguna Beach.

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Sailing and yachting tours

Nothing beats island hopping by boat, where exhilarating experiences are built and unbeatable memories are created. Naxos is the gateway to the Smaller Cyclades, a small group of four islands that are very remote and barely populated – yet stunning in their simplicity.

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