You’re going to be very happy to know that the Aegean Palace’s wellness offerings, which include a bouquet of massage treatments, spa beauty treatments and an indoor jacuzzi to detox and relax in. Make sure to book your favorite treatment in advance.


Each year, new and exciting treatments are introduced into the spa menu, including relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments and different facials. We carefully select tailored luxury spa products and cosmetics, often with local and Mediterranean ingredients, to create holistic spa experiences. Please book two days ahead for the treatments (some treatments may not be easily available during high season). Charges depend on the treatment.

Indoor Jacuzzi and Sauna

As part of our spa offering, where happy to let our guests know that they can use the indoor Jacuzzi and sauna room, free of charge, any time they want. Please take an appointment with the reception to ensure space and availability.

Massage therapy

The Aegean Palace works with reputed massage therapists that can offer a variety of massages, guaranteed to help remove any anxiety or stress that you might have brought with you on vacation. The massages are done in your own room, away from the hubbub of public spaces.


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