Our Properties

We’re very proud of our two properties, our very first hotel, Aegean Palace, which has been completely renovated to become a first-class property on the island. We recently launched the Onym Curated Villas for a more exclusive experience on the island, and we’ll be announcing the birth of our third property soon!

Aegean Palace

In a dreamy corner of the world, in the heart of Greece’s most beautiful island groups, the Aegean Palace lies serenely on the beach ready to unveil the beauty of Naxos to its guests.

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Onym Curated Villas

For those who want a more exclusive, more private stay in Naxos, you’ll be happy to know that we’re soon launching the Onym Curated Villas. You can pick from our four grand maisonettes or villas with four or five bedrooms each and a private pool, or stay in one of our four suites with a private jacuzzi, perfect for couples who want to spend quality time together. Onym Curated Villas will also have a poolside café and a central swimming pool with umbrellas and sunbeds. Opening soon!

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