Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data At AEGEAN LAND Hotel we strive to deliver high quality products and services , but also experiences of Naxos. We value you and your loyalty to us. We recognize that safeguarding personal data is a highly important issue. That is why we have developed our privacy assurance policy , to explain our practices regarding the safeguarding of personal data we collect , when you visit this website. Some responsibilities also require notice about other means of collecting personal data, for those responsibilities , this policy also explains our practices regarding personal data obtained from sources other than location, such as written or verbal communications or information we receive when you visit our hotel. Please read the privacy assurance policy carefully before providing us with any personal information. Also , please note that this policy does not apply to the processing of personal data that falls under and is the responsibility of third parties such as airlines , car rental companies and other service providers such as companies that organize or offer promotional packages etc. Personal data we collect: At every point of contact or interaction with our visitor-customer, we are likely to collect personal data. In addition to any other information that you may choose to provide to us, this data may include: your personal individual details such as your first and last name, date of birth , contact methods, business name, title and business address, credit card details including the three-digit security code displayed on the back of your credit card, membership number, information about affiliate programs such as date of arrival We also collect additional information when you contact the AEGEAN LAND hotel in various ways such as: At some point this web site may offer a link feature that allows you to send an e- card or otherwise share a message with one or more friends. If you follow this option, you will be asked for the name the email address of the recipient, along with the text of any message you choose to include. By using this link feature, you grant us the right to record and use for communication purposes the name and email address of the recipient. Use of personal data collected: We use your personal information to provide the services you request from AEGEAN LAND hotel such as to process: a) reservations b) holiday package purchases or other transactions. We also use your personal information to provide you with the necessary information , regarding the scheduling of meetings or other events to provide you with the specific account information for administrative purposes. In addition, we may use the information :a) to improve our hotel services , so as to provide you with the expected level of hospitality. We also use the details to send you newsletters, to include you in promotions for new specials packages and to carry out market research and also to participate in competitions by telephone email or postal mail. If you apply for employment at AEGEAN LAND hotel we use the personal information you provide to process your job request. Management of personal data: Online billing: if you choose to use the "Book online" link, your credit card supplier will be notified of your billing information and if you use a corporate credit card, possibly your employer. Group events or events: if you are visiting the AEGEAN LAND hotel as part of an event or conference, the information collected for meeting and event planning may be communicated to the organisers of such meetings and events and, where applicable, to the guests organising or participating in the meeting or event. Business partners: from time to time we may provide the opportunity to bid for business partners and other businesses in which we have a business relationship.